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Black, fruit is medium to large clusters that ripens early.  The quality is excellent.  Hunt is the variety most other varieties are compared to, and is still one of the most popular muscadines.  It is excellent for wine, unfermented juice, jelly preserves and other commercial purposes.  Highly recommended for home and commercial use. We start shipping these plants in December.


  • Bare-root grapes vines are best planted in springtime.  Dig a hole that is twice as deep/wide as the root system of your grapevine, at the base of a trellis post.  Place the bare-root vine in the hole and fan out its roots.  Place the root-ball so that the area where its roots begin on the trunk is about 1” below the soil line.  Back-fill the hole ¾ of the way full, then water to settle the soil.  Add remaining soil to fill the hole to ground level, and water once more.

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