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High bush that produces large, bright blue firm berries in mid season.  Easy to pick clusters that are great fresh or processed. We start shipping these plants the end of November.

Blue Crop

  • Blueberries require a soil that is acidic, well drained with medium to low fertility.  In addition, blueberries require irrigation, or they will die of summer drought.  Surface and internal soil drainage is essential since standing water may kill the plants.  It is good insurance to mound up the planting row from several inches to a foot high and several feet wide depending on the potential for poor drainage.  Plant no deeper than the pot level or nursery level.  The desired level of PH is 5.0 to 5.2. Plant blueberries in the fall or in the spring.  Cultivate the area you are planting.  Blueberries should be planted at least 4 feet apart, use a shovel or open a furrow with a turning plow for a convenience size hole.  Place one gallon of peat moss in the bottom of the furrow.  Cover the roots with a mixture of the remaining one half gallon of peat moss and soil.

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